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Nature has always played a major part in my inspirations, its myriad colours, intricate and varied textures and gentle curves.

I am enchanted by the ever changing forms and colours, be it the way a fallen leaf will often display patches of green, yellow, red and mottled browns all at once or the way a tree bark will show rough gnarled texture and where the outer layer has fallen off a very smooth almost satiny surface. Deconstructing Natural forms, textures and colours and reconstituting them in contemporary designs and tribal motifs is my passion.

I joined art school with the idea of learning to paint and then I fell in love with metal. Metal to most people is a hard unyielding substance, but to me it is an amazing medium that lends its self completely to my ideas, be it the warm metallic shine of freshly polished copper or the grainy texture of dense Verdigris, left alone it attracts a delightful patina, and takes on vitreous Enamel beautifully allowing me combine my love of texture and my passion for colours.

I spent the initial years after my art school designing and creating murals for offices and homes till I realized that working on a much smaller scale allowed me to create more detailed and personalized piece, as working in jewellery I feel more in touch with the person about to finally love and cherish the piece. As with any art form it is ultimately the wearer that completes the design. I like to think of jewellery as wearable art, I design each piece with this thought in mind and with the awareness that while my concern is to create one-of-a-kind jewellery for my buyers I also keep in mind their comfort, experimenting with forms for comfort and ease of use.

Most days I am to be found working at my bench and when I am not in my studio I am either taking walks around my home which I am happy to say though in the centre of a bustling city has an abundance of trees and is ever increasingly becoming home to a wide variety of wildlife constantly providing me with inspiration.